LHSKA - Circle of Life

23 Aug

"put your whole army against my team and i'll guarantee it'll be your very last time breathing"

LHSKA an emcee out of Massachusetts brings nothing short of hip hop excellence with his track "Circle of Life" off his new project "Circle of My Twisted Life".

The track "Circle of my Life" starts off with keys and the classic Mobb Deep sample from "Shook Ones" with Prodigy saying "You can put your whole army against my team and i'll guarantee it'll be your very last time breathing". With the mood set its left for LHSKA to bring it home.

As soon the drums come in LHSKA raps likes he trying to save a life with the sense of urgency and passion in his flow not letting up for a minute as he shows lyrically he's not one played to be played with. Covering a wide range of issues from life in america with the quote "The whole America is a hood" and his own journey as well.

LHSKA ends the track with a 2pac sample that brings everything full circle after he muscles his way through the track with every beat change to keep you engaged.

Feel free to check out the track below and follow him on twitter. Stay Global my friends!



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