Lam. - From The Jump

16 Oct

"if you talking bout trash n**ga you a landfill, If talking bout rap n**ga I'm the man still"

When posting music content I try my best to give the best music while also making sure to keep it diverse to my true musical taste. I've also apologetically made it a point to post the hardest music out to really get you out your seat. Lam.'s "From the Jump" is very easily some of the hardest music you will find today no debate.

Lam. understands the art of not only making good music but making a statement with your music. With this hard production being a raging bull Lam. grabs it by the horns as he makes a banger with his catchy hook that instantly grabs you in and raw wordplay that makes for a great listen.

Lam. is on point and doesn't slouch for a second on "From The Jump" as he stays right in pocket to deliver a hip hop masterpiece that will have your speakers knocking and head bopping no matter where you play it.

Check out Lam. "From The Jump" and also follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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