Kwame - CLOUDS.

29 Nov

"I'm the diamond in the rough, sharp and deadly in the cut!"

I'm a fan of a lot of different styles of hip hop but what always entices me more that anything is top level emceeing. A rapper taking complete control of a beat and ripping into it relentlessly, with a high powered flow, and high caliber lyrics that make you respect the artistry being displayed. Kwame gives you all of this on his new song "CLOUDS.".

Kwame has a style that's engaging as soon as he speaks on "CLOUDS.". Kwame has flair and charisma on the mic that shines on this bright production. His style is infectious as he spits out raw lines that grab you in and have you waiting in excitement to see what he does next.

Kwame's "CLOUDS." is everything that any fan of hip hop could wish for. The flow is as fluid as water, as he rides the wave of the beat perfectly and his lines stand out and keep your head nodding from start to finish.

Check out Kwame "CLOUDS." below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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