Kshr - ULTRA 64

21 Oct

"My time don't pass, see I been here, I been there, ain't no greener grass"

Real hip hop has always stood the test of time. No matter what trends occur in music, it's real hip hop that always lives on through any climate. Kshr new song 'ULTRA 64" is the true gold standard of hip hop that always shines through.

Kshr delivers a powerful message on "ULTRA 64" over production that sounds like a dark mellow version of A tribe Called Quest's "Bonita Applebum". Kshr's ULTRA 64" has a nostalgic feel about how he wish he could go back to the simpler days before life has become complicated. Kshr is brilliant in his articulation as his lyrics take you a journey of his own battles with lines like "Now I'm comparing myself to people I never met, wanting whatever they got". Something any millennial can relate to. 

Kshr "Ultra 64" is a hip hop masterpiece that you can hit play and and enjoy the ride that the music takes you. Everything connects as Kshr's mellow flow and raw lyrics mesh well with over the beat.

Check out Kshr "ULTRA 64" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 



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