Kshr. - Psalm 91

30 Nov

"I know the lord will keep my soul safe and my soul tortured"

Fridays are always about the best of the best. So much good music releases this day every week, it's hard to keep up but the record you need to hear today is from none other then Kshr.

Kshr. always makes his presence felt when he releases music with his deep introspective style and it doesn't get any deeper than his new release "Psalm 91".

Kshr. bares his soul in his music, giving you his truth that makes you an instant believer, because you know no one can fake being this real. Kshr. shows you just how deep he can go on "Psalm 91" as he gives you his raw lyrics that make you grunt after every bar over this production, that has the perfect balance of soul and grit.

Kshr.'s "Psalm 91" is his best work to date. Kshr. always takes his music to the next level from his hard flow, his introspective lyrics that hit the heart, and his beat selection is up there with some of the best.

Check out Kshr. "Psalm 91" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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