Kordoroy Floyd - More

15 Oct

"I trap out my hooptie, I pull up in a Benz"

It's Monday! Which means I have to always do my routine of giving you the best music I can find to start of the week. The song I have for you is literally the new age trapped out version of Usher's "U Don't Have To Call" that will have you feeling up after love woes and any other adversity you may face in your life. The track I am referring to is coming from Kordoroy Floyd formerly known as Immerze with his new song "More".

Kordoroy Floyd packs nothing but flavor in to the track "More" with hard production with the right bounce to make you dance and Kordoroy Floyd right in his pocket for the listeners to be guided by his flow.

Kordorory Floyd's "More" isn't just all flow and bass as his lyrics are on point as well. He has an infectious hook that will be chanted loudly with bottles in the air on any occasion as well as verses that make you appreciate his pen game.

Check out Kordorory Floyd's "More" Below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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