14 Dec

"I'm sick of the old, already done with the new"

One of the special things about hip hop that has lasted the test of time is the realism in the stories. Artists becoming our modern day authors, journalists, and reporters letting us know whats really going on in the world. It's the realness that connects to the soul and make people stay for a lifetime. KiLLOWEN gives you nothing but the real on his new song "Solar".

KiLLOWEN's "Solar" represents a world where KiLLOWEN is invisible, almost stuck in a state of astral projection. It is meant to outline the feeling of loneliness and paranoia. KiLLOWEN is brilliant in his articulation and has mastered the use of his voice as an instrument, with you feeling every line that tugs at your heat at every turn. The feel of this track is reminiscent of Saba's "CARE FOR ME" project with the raw emotion being displayed at high level that makes the track amazing.

KiLLOWEN's "Solar" is a truly a masterpiece that was dedicated to his friend that passed away this year. He honors his friend's legacy to an incredible level and makes something everyone can be proud of.

Check out KiLLOWEN "Solar" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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