Kham - Roll The Dice

09 Jan

"Stereotypes don't define, I'm chilling right on the edge of my prime"

Some of the best creatives and innovators in hip hop have come from Virginia.With a few notables like Timbaland, Missy Elliott,  The Neptunes, and my personal favorite Clipse. All making a mark and creating a rich history for a state that was non existent when you thought hip hop. Out of the TideWater area of Virginia emcee Kham is staking his claim and keeping tradition alive with his new song "Roll The Dice".

Kham puts together a perfectly crafted high energy record that should be the soundtrack for your hustle with "Roll The Dice". Kham's style is infectious and engaging, as he maneuvers through this production that 808's knock out your speakers. Matching Kham's high energy is his high caliber rhymes and flow that can separate him from any pack of emcees, as he puts together a stellar performance on this amazing track.

Kham's "Roll The Dice" is the perfect song to introduce fans to what may be their new favorite artist. Kham gives his all and it comes through the music, as this track instantly grabs you and takes you on a ride that you will love from beginning to end. Everything about this track is enjoyable from the rhymes, flow, delivery, and production that will have you waiting to see what he does next.

Check out Kham "Roll The Dice" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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