Kenny Fields - Confessions

18 Jan

"Daily routine of a young problematic, too young to worry but stuck in his habits"

Happy Friday!!! You've made it through another week and you deserve some great new music for your troubles. Fridays are always the best of the best, as we know you need the right music to play for your weekend and this Friday you need to stop what you're doing, and listen to the new song from Kenny Fields called "Confessions".

Kenny Fields gives you that real hip hop you need with his new song "Confessions". Kenny displays high level skill all over this track, ripping into the production that has a throwback feel with a hard flow, and raw lyrics that grab you instantly, while making you nod your head in agreeance at how nice he is on the mic. There's a lot to love about this track but one of the most shining elements is the lyrics, as Kenny takes us into a moment in time for him. of where his vision was cloudy and turned that into audio gold.

Kenny Fields "Confessions" is that hip hop music you need today and tomorrow. Kenny is gold standard across the board from the lyrics, flow, delivery, and all over the right production that makes this track superb from beginning to end.

Check out Kenny Fields "Confessions" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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