Ken Car$on - Fold

02 Dec

"She don't fuck with them n**gas, cause she know they gone fold"

To be a great rapper it takes a supreme level of confidence. Having to go against the odds and have your chest out in all scenarios. An artist that understand this to perfection is Ken Car$on on his new song "Fold".

Ken Car$on has a style that is truly infectious. Ken's charisma on the mic, with a bravado filled flow, helps deliver his braggadocios filled lyrics masterfully on his new song "Fold". Ken Car$on makes light work of this hard production that bass just knocks out the speaker, while Ken rides the beat like a surfer on a wave .

Ken Car$on's "Fold" sounds like the beginning of a legendary career with this 18 year old rapper showing skills of a vet. Ken's flow is on point and polished to perfection, his lyrics drip nothing but sauce, and he picks the perfect beat to deliver a smash the world can enjoy.

Check out Ken Car$on's "Fold" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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