Kam'Geez - Make It Right (Prod by Yung Tago)

18 Nov

"I'm on my hustle trying to find a way"

Music is universal. Which means we've all connected with different styles of music for different reasons. For my personal journey, I fell in love with hip hop for how authentic it was. The stories that were being told and them being so real, I was able to connect it to myself and what I was going through. That's everything Kam'Geez gives you on his new track "Make It Right" produced by Yung Tago.

Kam'Geez performance on "Make It Right" is truly superb as he gives you a heartfelt banger that touches the soul. Kam'Geez melodic style and hard lyrics create the perfect storm of musical brilliance, while he gives you a track telling of his come up and struggles that he's overcome.

Kam'Geez "Make It Right" is that real hip hop that makes people fall in love with the culture and want to stay for life. It's gritty but has so much grace it touches the soul to the core as you stand up and cheer for this amazing artist overcoming it all.

Check out Kam'Geez "Make It Right"  produced by Yung Tago below and also follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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