Kae Draco - Necessary

11 Feb

"This for all my n**gas doin necessary shit"

Happy Monday!!! Hope everybody had a nice weekend and prepared for another great week. We are fresh off the Grammy's where we got to witness a female emcee win "Rap Album of the Year". A monumental moment for Hip Hop. A female emcee who deserves recognition and will definitely be a household name is our girl Kae Draco with her new song "Necessary".

Kae Draco was first on Global Money World with her song "One More". It was her incredible lyricism and flow that grabbed us immediately, and shes back giving you amazing talent. Kae just has a style that is infectious and grabs you instantly over "Necessary" as she flexes all over this production, with that nice bounce to make you move while she puts on a master class of next level emceeing. 

Kae Draco's "Necessary" is the perfect song to start off your week and get you energized as she gives you excitement in every ba,r with lines packed with punch and flavor. Kae crafts together a masterpiece showing she's great at every facet of Hip Hop. The flow is high powered and focused, her pen is sharp, and her delivery is beyond her counterparts that make her a true standout.

Check out Kae Draco "Necessary" below and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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