Justin Christopher - UFOs and The Rainbow Children

27 Sep

Music can make you do a lot of different things and take you a lot of different places. If the music is right you're willing to go on that journey and see where it takes you Justin Christoper's song "UFOs and The Rainbow Children" takes you to the moon, the stars, and somewhere between Mars.

Justin Christopher's style on "UFOs and The Rainbow Children" is comparable to Andre 3000 in the masterpiece "The Love Below", A "Because of the Internet" Childish Gambino, or even a "Love Symbol" Prince as its so diverse and imaginative that it shows you just how creative Hip Hop can still be.

Justin uses the track "UFO's and The Rainbow Children" to tell a love story while also having deep introspective lyrics like "I got a family full of ghosts, most of them doing well but honestly I wouldn't know".

Check out Justin Christopher's "UFO's and The Rainbow Children" below and also follow him on twitter. Stay Global my friends!



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