Justin Christopher - Cherry Baby

11 Oct

"With everything in constant change I hope that we're excluded"

Back up in this b**ch like he forget his keys (quote from my favorite Curren$y song right now) is the ultra talented Justin Christopher with his new track "Cherry Baby"

Justin Christopher was first on the site with his song "Ufos and the Rainbow Children" and he pushes the boundaries further with "Cherry Baby". Justin Christopher's sound is as technicolor as music can be as his music creates true synesthesia as his music shines bright through the speakers.

Justin has next level flow that always makes me think of Andre 3000 when i hear it and as abstract as his sound is he still has a sound that i so down south that it just drips with flavor. If I had to describe Justin Christopher's new song "Cherry Baby" in one word it would be the same word to describe Prince which is "Purple" as it is define and royal in it's approach.

Check out Justin Christopher's "Cherry Baby" below and also follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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