June DaKid - Homicide

06 Dec

"I solemnly swear I can't tell a lie"

Music has always been a reflection of the times, especially Hip Hop. Hip Hop has always been the soundtrack of the times and the environment that it's artists live in. The truth in these records is what make listeners connect to these stories. June Dakid takes us through his journey masterfully in his new song "Homicide".

June DaKid gives the perfect balance of bounce and consciousness in "Homicide", as June Dakid flexes on this hard production that 808's knock out the speakers. June's message is as real as it gets, as he talks about the the violence he's surrounded by in his city in a way that was mastered by legendary acts before him.

June DaKid's "Homicide" is an amazing record that shows his great level of talent from his raw lyrics, hard flow, and his commanding presence on the mic that can't be ignored that makes this track amazing on all levels.

Check out June DaKid's "Homicide: below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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