Josh White - Numb

20 Jan

"Everything I bring supreme, Diana Ross"

Everyone is a music critic these days. Telling everyone what real music is or should be. You don't have to be a critic to know a game changer when you hear one. The record makes the decision for you and all you are left to do, is nod your head to the amazing music. Josh White has that game changer with his new song "Numb" that is that real deal you need to hear.

Josh White spits vigorously on his new track "Numb". Josh truly sounds like a man on a mission to take over the game and by the end of the record he surely does. The rhymes are just raw and bring excitement in every bar, that sounds like an audio version of an action packed blockbuster film. Every hard line is delivered with masterful precision with his flow that is high powered, and makes you feel his energy from beginning to end.

Josh White's "Numb" is that track you must not go another day without hearing. It's high quality music from an amazing artist that you will love and be waiting to alert for his next release. Josh displays excellence in every facet of hip hop skill from the lyrics, flow, delivery, and all over the right production, that not only makes this a great display of hip hop but just a great record you need to hear.

Check out Josh White "Numb" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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