Jordan Barone - Up Tonight

29 Nov

"Bounce! Let me see you move"

The true rising stars in today's climate of hip hop are the artist who can do it all. The new generation of hybrid artists who can rap and sing that are turning out hits every time they step in the booth. Jordan Barone is one of those hybrid artists who gives you everything on his new song "Up Tonight".

Jordan Barone has a style that just makes him sound like a star. This New York artist gives you all you could ever want from a song on "Up Tonight" with a melodic vocal performance, that's fine tuned to perfection and a rap style that has plenty of charisma, and bravado to stand out as a real emcee.

Jordan Barone's "Up Tonight" sounds like a hit that you would hear in every form of media from radio, television, and film. It's an exciting record with mass appeal, while having an amazing display of artistry that purists will love from beginning to end.

Check out Jordan Barone "Up Tonight" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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