Joey Aich - Sanity // Testimony

03 Nov

"My tree gone prosper, My leaves gone grow"

Hip Hop lives!!! Hip Hop has been through a lot and at one point in time hip hop was considered dead. Hip hop is now more alive than ever with so much great content coming from a lot of different talented artists. An amazing artist that was previously on the Global Media Blog is Joey Aich with his song "Jenga II". Joey Aich is back with his two part song "Sanity // Testimony".

Joey Aich gives us the soulful sound we love him for on "Sanity // Testimony". The first part of the song "Sanity" is Joey Aich brilliantly articulating his struggles of trying to make music a career and is one of the most relatable stories you'll hear with so many artists trying to figure this out for themselves. 

Joey Aich ups the tempo with the second half "Testimony" that sounds like a live jazz infused version of Kanye West "Touch the Sky"! Joey Aich lights it up on this exciting second half with some real hip hop vibes and down to earth rhymes like  "Self employed and I still wear Crocs in my videos".

Joey Aich crafts together a hip hop masterpiece with "Sanity // Testimony" that you will enjoy every minute of. Check out Joey Aich "Sanity // Testimony" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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