Joël - VENT

02 Dec

"Momma said she love you, cant believe that she did"

Toronto has made itself the home of some of the best multi - talented artists out there. Artists who can do it all with such a hybrid caliber of talents. Joël is a stand out from the scene with his new smash "VENT".

Joël gives a magnificent performance on "VENT" on this heartfelt record with all the soul anyone can ask for. Joël is brilliant in his articulation as he superbly makes a record to let his feelings out about a love lost.

Joël pen tells the story to perfection and his vocal performance takes "VENT" to another plateau. Joël has a style on this track, that plays a beautiful song with the strings of your heart, as you get emotionally invested with the relatability of the record being unmatched.

Joël's "VENT" is everything that makes people life long fans. Joël has an authenticity that can not be faked and he's musically excellent in every facet. From the lyrics, vocals, and production Joël gives you a master class display in every way.

Check out Joël "VENT" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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