Jidé featuring 281Neek - Vibe

04 Dec

"Shawty say I'm flexin, girl I'm from Houston, Texas, don't you disrespect the f**king set you know we bringing pressure"

Music is so diverse and subjective, that it brings all type of vibes. Some music is just nice to hear and some music just grabs you in. Jidé gives you a record that grabs you, straps you in, and takes you on a ride for an experience you'll never forget on his new song "Vibe" featuring 281Neek.

Jidé style is a magical balance of calm and gutter as his vocals are smooth, but his lyrics are as raw as they come, and all delivered perfectly over this smooth production that's just so player, you have to hold ya glass with a pinky out. 

Jidé "Vibe" sounds like your first time hearing your new favorite artist, as he has a style that feel like the next big thing. All of his talents are on full bloom on this record and 281Neek is the perfect feature for this record as he lets his presence felt, giving flavor in every line with his flow that rides the beat to perfection.

Check out Jidé featuring 281Neek "Vibe" below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!




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