Jessie G - Tick Tock

06 Dec

"You muthaf**kas keep telling me I'm out of my league, but one day you gone be looking up and looking at me"

Hip Hop has always been hard. Ever since the beginning of crews exchanging rhymes to see who had the best rhymes. That energy is always present to hip hop till this day and is ever so present in the new song from Jessie G called "Tick Tock".

Jessie G was first featured on the Global Media Blog with his song "Around The Block" and was fortunate enough to do an interview with us as well. Jessie G is back with an agressive record with "Tick Tock" with a high powered flow that can't be matched.

Jessie G raps like he's trying to conquer the world on "Tick Tock" spitting vigorously over this hard production and giving you venom in every line as he tells the story of his grind.

Jessie G's "Tick Tock" is upper echelon class of rap with Jessie giving all of his talents in it's best form. The lyrics pack a punch in every bar, the flow is high caliber, and his message resonates with every go getter in the world, that makes this track amazing.

Check out Jessie G "Tick Tock" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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