Jessie G - Outta Control

08 Mar

"I bet you my life that we never fold"

The best part about being apart of this platform is being able to grow with the artists. Being able to be front and center for the incredible work being displayed. One of the best out here doing it is Jessie G. He's been on Global Money World with his debut on here "Around The Block", "Tick Tock", and even an interview with us. With his first release of the year Jessie G is back with a vengeance with his new song "Outta Control"

Jessie G crafts together a lyrical onslaught and live up to the title of his new song "Outta Control". It's a song that you can't deny with a hard production that bass knocks out your speaker. Jessie G makes this track his own as he displays his incredible pen and maneuvers through this track with ease, showing the type of bravado and charisma made of stars. Not only is Jessie's pen on point, the flow is on point as well instantly grabbing your attention and creating excitement every second of the track.

Jessie G's "Outta Control" is that Hip Hop that everybody is looking to hear. That artist who is original and shines with their style. Jessie G is a super talented emcee who puts on a stellar display of emceeing from the rhymes, flow and delivery, he is truly gold on this dope track.

Check out Jessie G "Outta Control" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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