Jessie G - Around The Block

18 Oct

"I been to hell and back, I been around the block"

Hip hop has always been a gladiator sport. Since the beginning days of crews coming together spitting their best rhymes and it being able to stick your chest and show some flex on the mic. Real emcees are warriors who lyrically must be able to stand tall on their skills and show up with every track. Jessie G shows up on his new track " Around The Block".

Jessie G is electrifying in his approach on "Around The Block" as he spits with the right amount of charisma that draws you in on this high energy production. Jessie spits hard bars that pack a punch through out the whole track with his masterful flow that knocks it out the park.

Jessie G's "Around The Block" is everything that hip hop should be as he works through the track with master class skill. If someone didn't know what real hip hop is I would with confidence show them Jessie G's "Around The Block.

Check out Jessie G "Around The Block" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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