Jaye Bradley - Pink Lemonade

28 Dec

"I'm too old to not mean what I say, but still young enough to know you in the way"

We've made it to another Friday! Some of us have been on vacation and some of haven't been able to get a break in, but we all have been waiting for a chance to enjoy the best music out. With Friday's always being about excellence, it's only right we bring you some new music from the multi - talented artist and producer Jaye Bradley with his new song "Pink Lemonade".

It's not an easy task to shine as both an emcee and a producer, but Jaye Bradley makes it look effortless on "Pink Lemonade. Jaye laces a smooth production that feels like getting a glass of pink lemonade with the right amount of ice on a hot summer day. The music is refreshing and good for the soul as Jaye Bradley rocks the mic with master class and rides the beat to perfection.

Jaye Bradley's "Pink Lemonade" is that real hip hop you need to make room for in your life immediately. It's true organic music with dope rhymes, a flow as fluid as water, and a production that makes you hear waves.

Check out Jaye Bradley "Pink Lemonade" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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