Jance - This Ain't All Music

13 Jan

"You either in the game or you out of bounds"

Grand Rapids time is coming. So many talented artists in the city creating, trying to make a name for themselves, and stand out in a crowded genre. In order to stand out, an artist has to have that special thing that you can't explain but you know it when you hear it. Jance has that special thing with his new song "This Ain't All Music" off his new project ""I'm Never Turning Down Again" that commands the upmost attention.

Jance first gave us a glimpse of what we can expect from his new project "I'm Never Turning Down Again" with the song "Soft Parade" and now he's back with a vengeance with "This Ain't All Music". Jance steps up and puts on a true display of hip hop craftsmanship on his new song "This Ain't All Music" off his new project "I'm Never Turning Down Again". Jance crafts together a record that is reminiscent of Drake's "8 out of 10" masterfully staking his claim as one of the best emcees, while maneuvering through the track with the perfect balance of bravado and ambition, as you can hear the hunger in his voice that makes you feel his desire to take over the game in a major way.

Jance's "This Ain't All Music" is that real hip hop the world needs more of. He's lyrically sharp and cuts through this soulful production with every line, The flow is hard, and it's all delivered brilliantly to make this track a must hear with unlimited replay value.

Check out Jance "This Ain't All Music" below as well as his new project "I'm Never Turning Down Again" and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!




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