Jacob ZL - When I Die

28 Nov

"Never trust these hoes, never trust myself"

There's so many different ways an artist can connect with you. Some music can just connect with you based on the mood you're in and some music can connect with you, because you feel the artist's energy touching your soul, and you believe their stories because there's no way they can fake the truth you hear in their music. Jacob ZL is the latter as he gives you all soul on his new song "When I Die".

Jacob ZL has a perfect balance of a melodic sound and hard lyrics that makes "When I Die" a must listen. Jacob is masterful in his approach as he rips into the beat giving his truth that instantly engages you and has you hanging on to every word.

Jacob ZL's "When I Die" is everything you could ask for from an artist and more. Jacob gives you high caliber lyrics on the verses and soul on the melodic hook over this great production that makes this record high class.

Check out Jacob ZL "When I Die" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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