Jacob ZL featuring Unusual Demont - Distance

03 Mar

"Call myself a heartbroke optimist"

Brooklyn, New York has always had it's share of hip hop legends from the legend himself Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G , and Mos Def just to name a few. Brooklyn always gives you the perfect combination of lyricism and story telling when it comes to hip hop and Jacob ZL follows tradition perfectly with his new song "Distance" featuring Unusual Demont.

Jacob ZL was first featured on Global Money World with his song "When I Die" and is back showing his versatility as an artist with the the new song "Distance". Jacob is master of being introspective with his lyricism that grabs you in emotionally, while still being incredibly sharp as an emcee. The flow is amazing in it's approach as it really gives the feel of him opening up to his fans, and letting his thoughts flow all over this track that makes it gold.

Jacob ZL's "Distance" featuring Unusual Demont had the perfect balance of a throwback feel that sounds so familiar it's home, while still giving you his own new original flavor that you can enjoy. The lyrics are on point and are a match made in heaven with this smooth production. Unusual Demont provides a hook that is the icing on the cake as they serve you a hit on a platinum platter.

Check out Jacob ZL featuring Unusual Demont "Distance" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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