J - Fleet - Stick N Move

12 Dec

"I swear the kitchen is the office and the work shop"

If an artist tells you they're from Texas you can expect to hear some music with some edge to it. Some music that's hard and has some bounce to it. If they do it right they have music that will have you moving. That's everything Texas emcee J - Fleet gives you on his new song "Stick N Move".

J - Fleet shines bright over this accelerating production, that could be summed up in one word as "Trill". J floats over this beat masterfully on "Stick N Move" with his charisma on the mic being infectious as ever, as he is instantly engaging, and makes you want to go along for the ride.

J - Fleet's "Stick N Move" sounds like an anthem that will be the soundtrack for the night. From as soon as you're getting ready to go out, on your way to the club, and when you make it you'll hear this song being sung in a celebratory chant, as it has that "it" factor that people are looking for.

Check out J - Fleet "Stick N Move" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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