izi ike - Devastation

10 Jan

"I'm trying to give you feeling, I do not have time for science"

Beyond popular belief, Hip Hop is in one of it's most talented periods ever. So many artists having so many different talents from rapping, producing, and singing at a high level and all coming from the same artists. These hybrid artist have elevated the game while showing how far and creative Hip Hop can be. An artist is who a perfect representation of the new high level talent of artist is izi ike with his new song "Devastation".

The artist izi ike is a multi - talented artists who does everything you hear on his new song "Devastation". From the rapping, singing, and production, he puts all of his talents on full bloom and shines all over this record. The lyrics are very introspective with him speaking on the subconscious being more aware of devastation then what one can think of consciously, while also being lyrically sharp giving you lines that grab you instantly and make you raise an eyebrow or grunt at every turn. 

If you're looking for good music, look no further than izi ike's "Devastation". It's truly an amazing record that shines in every category of not only Hip Hop but music period. The lyrics are attention grabbing and thoughtful, the flow is raw, the singing has the perfect balance of soul and grit, with everything being brought home by the amazing production.

Check out izi ike "Devastation" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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