Isabella - Tempo

02 Oct

"I see you use art to conceal your fear"

It's not secret and that my favorite female singer of all time is Sade. Her music gives me the sweetest taboo (pun intended) with her smooth style that plays the strings of all the vulnerable chords in you with every song. London's own Isabella give me that same feel on her new song "Tempo".

Isabella's style is such a quiet storm with her honest and poetic songwriting that if it had to be described in one word I would use "Love" as she gets you with every line like when you hear her sing "How do you use music to cope your pride" over the production that is a good mix of neo-soul and new wave music that reminds me of Solange's break out album "Seat at the Table".

Isabella's "Tempo" is complimented by the equally matched video in terms of artistic vulnerability as you are able to enjoy Isabella's chilled sultry style for the true work of art that it is.

Get familiar with this rising star Isabella on her song "Tempo", The video is below and follow her on twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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