Isaac Castor - Da Bounce

26 Sep

"If we talking bout bars got a full clip"

Hip hop is something that grows almost daily and expands far beyond anyone's thoughts and expectations on what it should be. With that said nothing still excites more than true emceeing which Isaac Castor's new song "Da Bounce" brings.

Isaac Castor's video for "Da Bounce" starts off with him standing in the ring ready to knock the track before he takes over with the opener "I got a hundred in the bank baby this is not a brag song, Tried to go pop for a minute didn't last long". Easily some of the most hip hop shit I've heard all year.

Isaac fittingly continues to punch all over the production that is reminiscent of 50 Cent's "Patiently Waiting" track if it just had a little more bounce. Making every line count as he maneuvers through the track with ease barring away and as he said in the hook "they tried to tell me that ain't nothing. so i had to lock in and make something they can bounce to." Goal accomplished!

Isaac Castor's "Da Bounce" is a knockout punch to any doubters as well as a daring track tackling hard topics, and a message to anyone to keep pursuing their dreams. A link to the video is below and also follow him on twitter. Stay Global my friends!

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