Interview: Queen's rising hip hop star Shon Weathers lets us know the man behind the smash "Feng Shui"

30 Oct

"Queens Get The Money"

Shon Weathers was first featured on the Global Media Blog with his video "Feng Shui" that gave us our first glimpse of this Queens emcee who had so much flair and bravado that immediately enticed you to want to know more. Shon Weathers was gracious enough to take the time to answer a few questions to let us know more about the man behind the music.

Who is Shon Weathers the artist?

The best way i could put it is that Shon Weathers the artist is Shon Weathers the person. There's no facade. No image. Just me. 

What is the biggest inspiration for your style?

- That's a hard one. There's a lot of inspiration coming from various places and people but i think my biggest one at the moment has been to bridge the gap between the older and younger generations. Being a part of the younger generation I get it you know? Trap music and the "mumble rap" and all of that, the whole new wave of hip hop that's happening right now, I get why it's happening, I get why it's hot. As a matter of fact, I'm a fan of some of it.  But, I also get why the so called "old heads" don't rock with none of the new artists or their music or anything. They grew up in a different era of hip hop. They want legible lyrics, they want storytelling they want bars. They want you to show them you put some effort into the craft of lyricism. So, i took from both sides of the ball. I want to create something that appeals to all of hip hop. Not just one particular side of it. I think Feng Shui did that pretty well.

What was your mindset when making Feng Shui?

-To be honest my mindset was, I'm not there yet. But I'm gonna show everyone why I should be. I wanted to create something that was true to who I was, but also something that you could enjoy just because, something you could dance to, something to lift your mood if you're not having the best of the days. There's a lot more to it than that but that's the short version. 

What was your biggest goal making the Feng Shui video?

- We really wanted it to be fun, and we really wanted that message of not letting anyone "fuck with the feng shui" to come across while we were filming. That's a big reason a lot of it was filmed in NYC. I'm out here dancing and singing in the middle of a crowd who's wondering who in the hell I am and why I think I can just shut down a portion of the sidewalk, or walk through the middle of traffic. Why am I doing that? Because I refuse to let other people affect what I do or how I view myself. I'm just here to have fun. If you have a problem with that it won't phase me none. 

What is the best part about giving Feng Shui to the people?

- Oh man, the best part is just seeing people genuinely enjoy the song. The reposts on social media, the comments and DM's. It's dope knowing that the music is being appreciated and that it's actually resonating with people you know. Especially since it was a really long drawn out process not only creating the song but also getting it out for streaming and getting the video together and all the behind the scenes stuff. It was like there were so many things trying to stop us from putting it out but, you know, we never stopped pushing. 

What can people expect next from Shon Weathers?

- More music very very soon. We got a couple singles lined up. A couple more videos coming out, and an EP currently in the works. All being released over the next couple of months. Just stay tuned.

Check out Shon Weathers "Feng Shui" below and also follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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