Interview: OfficialAztec breaks down his influences, "WTF", and what's next for this talented emcee

06 Mar

"Tell em what the f**k is up, tell em who you wit now" 

With each day passing, Hip Hop becomes more crowded. So many emcees trying to break into this ever growing genre, it really takes some work to stand out and connect with the people. A special task requires special talent. OfficialAztec has that special talent. 

OfficialAztec skills are on full bloom with his song "WTF". Carrying the track to it's rightful destination and really shining, we just had to know more. OfficialAztec was gracious enough to take the time to answer a few questions for us. Below is the interview.

Who is OfficialAztec the artist?

OfficialAztec is just a nerdy, anime fanatic with a lot of bottled up emotions. I want to be able to make music that can help people. Whether its to get them hype, help them with heartbreak, or even just be relatable to any situation. Just to be  a voice for millions of people who feel like they dont have one.  

Who are some of your influences? what do you take from them and apply to your music?

Saba, Smino, Isaiah Rashad, PartyNextDoor and Alex Wiley are my biggest influences when it comes to music. The creative ability is unbelievable and the relativity of their music speaks numbers. “Care For Me” and “Cilvia Demo” are albums that could change any mindset. I like the way these artists are so open with their emotions and thats what I try to do with my music.  

What was your approach when making your new song “WTF”?

A lot of my process with music is freestyling in the car and just venting. “WTF” was just made from built up anger, confusion in my own love life, and me just trying to show other artists that I can rap on any beat.  It was more of a song to keep me uplifted but it seems to have been loved by many others! 

When did you know it was time to drop your new song “WTF”?

Well, my friends were playing the unengineered version for weeks! I sent the song to my engineer and he told me that it was a hit. I take a lot of time making my music so I wanted it to be perfect for everyone. Once I kept playing it in my car for weeks non stop, I just knew it was time to drop it for everyone. It also got a lot of love on social media.  

What’s next for OfficialAztec?

I want to change the world with my music. I want to be able to perform at more showcases and show my talent. I want to be able to be the voice for millions of others going through any type of depression, anger, heartbreak, anything. I want to show the world that I can accomplish my dreams and then help others gain more opportunities. I’m just hoping someone takes the chance on me!

Check out OfficialAztec "WTF" below and also follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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