Interview: New Jersey hip hop artist Geno Five takes us through "10K FREESTYLE"

01 Nov

Rising hip hop artist Geno Five just recently dropped the ultra lyrical "10K Freestyle" that is an amazing record. Geno Five has a style that is alluring and makes you want to get know the artist more. Geno Five was gracious enough to take the time to answer a few questions below.

Who is Geno Five the artist?

Geno Five is a 23-year-old Englewood, New Jersey native. Although, he is a standout lyricist he also excels in just making sonically pleasant music. 

He can go into attack mode with a harsh tone and a slight rasp but he also knows when to ease up and go the smoother route. Conversational in his raps and not afraid to experiment vocally. 

What is the biggest inspiration for your style?

Yikes. This is a tough one. Aside from rappers such as Kendrick and every member of Slaughterhouse, I’m also a huge fan of artists like Syd And Xavier Omar. The rappers make me want to write impactful lyrics but they inspire me to be more melodic. I’m constantly trying to find a healthy balance lol.

What was your mindset when making 10K FREESTYLE?

Well when I reached 10K on instagram I felt like it was something worth celebrating for.  Although, I was proud of myself for my achievement it also became a wake up call for me because I realized that I have soooo much more work to do. Just because I reached a certain follower amount it doesn’t mean I have any time to slack or any room to be complacent. So I wrote the song and decided to shoot a video of me training and running as if I was practicing for a 10K race. Just to signify that my effort will never let up.

How do you feel now that “10K FREESTYLE” is out?

 I feel as if this was a huge milestone but I still have so much more to go so I’m just kind of using this song as a checkpoint essentially. I feel like my song is a celebratory toast to hard work and a bright future.

What can people expect next from Geno Five?

Well, I just recently dropped an album titled “The Feels” and I do NOT plan of making a project anytime soon so expect hella singles for the next 6 months with visuals from my last album. Also, I do these raps on my Instagram called #G5FREESTYLE every now and then. You should also expect a few of those hahaha.

Check out Geno Five "10K FREESTYLE" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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