Interview: Music Artist Justin Christopher takes us deep into his creative mind on his musical process and his new song "Relax or Rehab"

02 Dec

Creatives and innovators are the one who keep art going. No artist has been as a creative and innovative in their musical approach than Justin Christopher. Justin Christopher has been a standout on the Global Media Blog since"Ufo's and the Rainbow Children". Every release he pushes the envelope and shows how creative hip hop can be. Justin Christopher recently took the time to answer a few questions on us to give us a deeper look into his art. Below is the interview.

Who is Justin Christopher the artist?

This is actually a very recent thing I've been thinking about! Justin Christopher the artist is not a well established persona that I've been consciously forming up. Its actually only about four months old to tell the truth. I used to go by Nomad Forthelost, and for a while that image was who I was, an existentialist filled with alot of post college angst and going through tremendous growing pains. I had alot of my first real adult experiences under Nomad Forthelost ,and I think for a lot of kids that first taste of adulthood, that first pain, is really like an initiation. Justin Christopher is the growth from that stage and a full acceptance of who I am and not just the lost aspect of myself.

What made you make the decision to become an artist? 

I don't think it was such a voluntary decision as it was more of me slowly coming to the realization that I had to do this. I have to create or I get anxious and close up inside of myself, and that shit is terrible.

What are some of the influences for your unique style? 

I listen to alot of music, a lot of various music. As far as influences go though it could really be anything but I would have to say the main influencers are Jimi Hendrix, I loved the way he progressed his sound and was pretty much in the process of creating a new genre before he passed, Pschydellic and Indie Rock, Tame Impala, Bon Iver, Radiohead, those guys. And on the opposite side Jay-Z, B.I.G and Lupe, those three basically taught me how to rap, Outkast for obvious reasons, and of course my oldies, The Stylistics, Marvin Gaye etc. I dont see borders when I see music so any and everything that i hear could potentially influence me. 

How are you able to add so many elements to your music?

Hours and hours of obsessing over the sound. I always have an idea in my head of what i want, thats the easy part. The hard part is manifesting those ideas. I've been doing this almost a decade so its getting easier to take whats in my head and actualize it but with progress comes new ideas and learning new techniques. I have a 4 part process fron start to finish and things just kind of naturally come together.  

What was your approach when creating “Relax or Rehab”?

I wanted to tone down my energy in terms of aggression but keep that same eerie kind of desperate sound that i tend to bring out. There wasnt much planning put into it outside of the lyrics and themes of the song. Its almost always just working off of instinct.

What can people expect next from Justin Christopher?

I know this is a cliche and go to answer for artist to have, but i have to use it, big things, very big things haha. I recently met a local super producer/artist by the name of Julio Turcios, and we instantly hit it off. Really, he's the most talented musician I personally know and we're pushing eachother everyday. He produced Ufos, Burning Houses, and a ton of material that hasn't been released yet that im excited for people to hear because it doesnt exactly sound like anything thats out. I'm finally making the type of music I've always wanted and hopefully things keep coming together organically. Late December Im releasing an EP named CalmDecay so people should get a taste of what to expect come 2019. 2019 sounds so futuristic to me, but yes big things.

Check out Justin Christopher's "Relax or Rehab" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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