Interview: Jessie G takes us around the block and on his journey of hip hop

22 Oct

Jessie G is a brilliant emcee out of Spartanburg, South Carolina who is one of the faces of Spartanburg's recent resurgence of rap music. Jessie G is also one of the founders of Spartanburg SC's Dirty-Burg-Entertainment (D.B.E.) and with his new single "Around The Block" the future is looking bright for this emcee on the rise. Jessie G took the time to do an interview with us that you can check out below.

Who is Jessie G the artist?

What's up everybody!? 

My name is Jessie Garrett a.k.a "JESSIE G", I'm a highly motivated 25 year old (soon to be 26 yr old) Spartanburg South Carolina native. 

I've been pursuing in the music industry for almost 10 years now. Over the past 5 years I've been moving back and forth from Atlanta doing everything 

I can to get my team to where we need to be. I attended Atlanta Institute of Music and Media in 2013 to get more familiar with production, engineering etc. 

I graduated in 2014 with my certifications from their recording program. I'm currently located in South Carolina working at "Speaklife Studio" where I am their Chief Recording Engineer. Even though I do have a love/hate relationship with the industry LOL, I truly do love what I do and I don't think that'll ever change.

Is there any difference between who you are as an artist and as a person?

Good question lol.

Over the years I felt like i've been on a journey to figure that out. 

When I first started rapping that was a big thing to me, was to "have a rap name" that spoke for me and more so created an "image".

But over the years seeing the transition in hip hop has really changed my mind set. I feel like an image can be a pro and a con.

I feel like in some sort of a way it can categorize an artist and put certain limitations on their career.

I don't want to be known as the guy that can only make certain sounds or types of music, like the saying "stay in your own lane" 

I like to experiment and try new things in the studio to see how far I can take my capabilities.

So with that being said, that's why I decided to push my name and my actual self as my "image". 

I want to be true to the people and fans out there and let them know who I really am so that they can connect more with me and get to know my real personality.

What album influenced you the most to make music and why?

I wouldn't really say a certain album put a fire under me to get me going. 

For me it was more so an era. Towards the end of my days in high-school, like when Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller (Rest in Peace to one of the greats) and other artists in that era were on their grind on their come up, it was so inspiring to me. It was just so genuine and real compared to how people blow up now in the industry. I remember constantly Watching Wiz's Daytoday Episodes and the whole Taylor Gang out on the road with his boys and his family doing what they loved to do and that was just so cool to me, I really wanted it to be like that for my team. How Wiz brought that whole family aspect of things into it was just really cool to me. So yea, I would say that time in my life had a big part in making me want to chase music and take it serious.

With your new release “Around the Block” being such a great song, how does that make you feel for the people to hear it?

First off, huge thank you to you guys for embracing the song! it means a lot to us!

It's definitely a great feeling being able to share with the world and seeing the reactions haha! On this song I honestly feel I was expressing myself just kind of explaining where I'm at in my head right now with everything and how I feel about the industry and what we've been through in it so far. Whoever has taken the time to listen, I personally thank you.

What inspired you to make music after your hiatus?

Hands down. the current transition in hip hop lol. 

I know my roots and where I came from and I feel I had to go back and find that in myself and use that to keep my flame burning. 

You can't let these new waves throw you off, just stay true to yourself and most of all, BELIEVE in yourself. If you don't, who will?

What’s next for Jessie G?

All I have to say to that is..


Look out for Jesse G's new releases and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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