Interview: Inside rising star Tia P.'s experience on BET's new show "The Next Big Thing"

22 Oct

Tia P. is an amazing multidimensional out of Inglewood, California who possesses a huge presence and commands immediate attention when performing. Tia P. first made the Global Media Blog with her song "4 Seats from Beyonce" that is high class rapping that you would hear from any artist out there. Recently Tia P. was on BET"s new show "The Next Big Thing" and was gracious enough to do an interview with us to discuss her experience below.

Who is Tia P the artist?

While Tia P. is a rapper, she is not bound by a genre. She’s an entertaining lyricist, dedicated musician, and a creative who just wants to show truth and love through the most universal language: music. I vibe.

How did the opportunity of being on BET’s The Next Big Thing come about?

A very good friend of mine, Reesha Archibald, had a friend who was looking for up and coming artists for a premier music competition show on BET. I guess she sent her some links to my music and performances - which they loved-, and then called my team and I to see if we were interested in starting the interview process. After a couple moths, a few video chats with producers, and email requests, I was that out of thousands I had made the final cut to be on the show!

What attracted you to being on the show?

To my knowledge, Next Big Thing was the first competition show I’d heard that was putting hip hop and RnB on the same competitive platform. As an artist who can do both, I though that aspect was a big motivator. Secondly, I’m not dying to get a record contract, because most artists are getting raped out there on their paperwork. However, with NBT, the final decision of which judge to sign with, or not to sign with lies on the finalists. Although thought the season it’s elimination based, the final artists have the power - not the execs.

Did you have any hesitations on doing the show and if so what were they?

I did not want it to turn out to be some love and hip hop mess, haha! My brand is too important to be caught up in that foolishness. Also, I act and do commercials and this was the longest potential blackout dates for auditions I’d ever given my agent. Luckily Kim is so dope and supportive of Tia P. The artist, she gave me her blessing. Thirdly, being that it’s the show’s first run, I didn’t want to be like a Guinea pig for a show that only doesn’t get picked up for season 2 because it was whack. Yet, after discussing it with my management, we decided to go for it

What was your main focus on being on BET’s The Next Big Thing?

My main focus was coming out and killing every challenge the judges threw, and staying true to myself as Tia P., artist and person with my lyrical content. I wanted to show them that they don’t have to pick between a singer or a rapper when they have a well rounded artist like me who can do all that and more while still challenging herself.

How did you come up with the songs for your performance on the show?

Every performance was based on a challenge, so content for every song was catered to a challenge.

Before you performed was there anything you told yourself or did to put you at ease before you rocked the performance?

I don’t really get nervous-nervous, just anxious I guess, so I pray. I thank God for the gift of music, I pray that the audience has fun with me, and I pray my diction is clear. After that, I’m ready for the world.

What did you want viewers to take away from your performance?

I want my viewers to see that with me they get more, than just music and a show, they get to be part of an experience no matter the venue or turnout. I want them to know that I too am hip hop, but not just hip hop. Y’all need to know I’m out here spitting realness with the coolness!! Haha!

How was your experience with the other artist on the show? Was there any competitive friction with any of you at all?

I didn’t expect to know any of the other contestants, but in fact I did know one: Durand Burnarr. That boy! As talented as he is crazy. So that was cool being with a familiar face. Throughout the show friendships were made, but the more the numbers dwindled, naturally the more serious and competitive it got for us all. Never hostile, but of course, being around the same people all day, every day for almost 2 months while being on camera and mic’d and some people getting stressed from competition- tensions were bound to flare at some point. Never with me. I didn’t come here for that. Beef ended up on a few other people’s plates, I’ll tell you that. If you wanna know more, you gotta watch 😁.

How was your experience with the judges on the show? By chance was being in front of such legendary figures intimidating at all?

My experience with the judges was cool. All three - Tina Davis, Zaytoven, and Dame Dash - have resumes that speak for themselves in terms of how they’ve left their imprint on the music industry. But, like every other person in the world, they gotta pee and poop, ya know. They too are just human. I want them to be just as entertained and into my performance as the random person next to them. If anything, their presence at my performances made it more exciting for me.

Overall how was the experience being on the show?

It was a great learning experience. I soaked up everything during that show; not just from the judges and the challenges, but from the crew - watching and observing, learning the inner workings of what it takes to create a music tv show. It was also beautiful to see and experience Black females producer and executives in charge. Who runs the world? Girls. 😏

Is there anything you would change about your experience on the show?

No. Every challenge, I took the judges advice from the previous challenge and applied it to practice and performance. Overall I do feel like I’ve grown as an artist and performer since being a part of the show. It was rigorous, but led to progression. I do wish there were more opportunities to have a live band, because as a drummer, it’s an aspect of my performance that separates me from my competitors - rappers or singers. 

What would you tell an upcoming artist who may want to be on a show like BET’s The Next Big Thing?

I would saaaaaay... be sure this is what you want because the judges will feel if you’re not hungry for this opportunity. Secondly, it’s not just about your ability to sing or rap. NEXT BIG THING is looking for creatives. Because there’s a lot of original music you’ll be making, STEP YOUR PEN GAME UP. Rappers and singers.

What is next for Tia P.?

Ahhhh. More music and performances of course! In January I’m releasing a music visual for my remake of The Beetles classic, “Come Together”, off my latest EP: Peek-A-boo: The Wake Up. It features my boy, my guy, B.Slade, and it’s truly a fitting experience to accompany the music. With Christmas around the corner, we’re re-releasing my Christmas video, “Christmas in Cali”, which is also available on all music platforms. The real next big thing for me would be a tour! I’m still writing pop/ rnb tunes for artists and hopefully more tv/ commercial song placements. I’m blessed to have gifts that allow me to flourish in and out of the spotlight. I love what I do.

Be sure to tune into BET's Next Big Thing to catch Tia P. doing her thing and also follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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