Inswain - Real Rap Pt.4

10 Dec

"You know I make a living when I kill y'all"

Mondays are always about excellence. Giving you the best music to start your week of with. When you think of excellence in hip hop you think of rap at a high level. High caliber flow, on point lyrics, all over the right beat. That's everything Inswain gives you on his new track "Real Rap Pt.4".

Inswain is a multi - talented Rapper/Producer who puts all of his talents into incredible use on his new song "Real Rap Pt.4". Inswain spits masterfully over this mellow production by Cecil with his very well polished flow, giving you enough hard lines consecutively to make a bar code.

Inswain's "Real Rap Pt.4" is everything in the title. It's a record true to the core of top emceeing at it's finest. Inswain hits the mark on every criteria of top notch hip hop from flow, lyrics, and production everything is crafted to a master level.

Check out Inswain "Real Rap Pt.4" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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