Illa - Hero

02 Apr

"Gotta keep it real I don't need a deal"

Hip Hop is more than a musical genre. It is a way of life, audio therapy, and a form of education that teaches the most lessons to it's followers when done right. If you have the ear of the listener, it's always best to say something that they can take way from it to make them better. That is the true art of an emcee and a master emcee who utilizes his talents for the betterment of us all, is Illa with his new song "Hero".

Illa kicks the gospel on his new song "Hero". Illa utilizes his high skill set of emceeing to display Hip Hop greatness, giving the listener a high octane flow, sharp lyrics, and a delivery packed with the ultimate conviction, that makes this gold. Illa fuses together a modern rap sound with a spiritual message that I haven't heard done to such mastery, since the first time I heard Sho Baraka's "Talented 10th" album.

Illa's "Hero" is what you get when an emcee understands there true power. The rapping is strong and the message is stronger. Illa puts on a master class to give the world a word they need to hear, while still putting on a rapping clinic to show he has all the talent in the world to compete with any emcee.

Check out Illa "Hero" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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