iiiCONIC feat Huy Win - Cheque

02 Feb

"They tried taking my pride, I ain't ever gone die"

The whole purpose of starting the Global Media Blog was to showcase the best music from around the world. The music that must be acknowledged and is game changing in it's approach. No other song is a game changer right now like iiiCONIC's new song featuring Huy Win called "Cheque". 

This new song from iiiCONIC is the type of music that makes the culture move. He puts on in a fashion that leaves you no choice, but to give it up to this talented emcee. The rhymes are dripping sauce all over this track and his flow is just infectious and exciting, all over this hard accelerating production that make for a thrilling audio experience you cant help but enjoy. 

Huy Win is enlisted for the feature on this track and his voice commands your attention as he has a style that is the perfect compliment to this smash. Huy flexes plenty of bravado and makes this beat his own to take this track that is leaving earth to the moon.

The new song from iiiCONIC featuring Huy Win called "Cheque" is a song you must hear and you must hear now! It's high quality music at it's finest and if you love music you owe it to yourself, to hear your new favorite song from these incredible artists.

Check out iiiCONIC featuring Huy Win "Cheque" below and follow them in Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!




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