If The Shoe Fits - Pull Up

08 Nov

"Cash rules everything around me, except me n**ga!"

Groups have always been a prominent thing in hip hop since the very beginning with Sugarhill Gang and evolving with legendary acts like NWA, A tribe Called Quest, OutKast, and Wu Tang Clan just to name a few of such a prominent long list. It's something about a group of great creative minds that come together and put all of their energy into one cohesive idea that is magic. If The Shoe Fits work a special kind of magic on their new song "Pull Up".

If The Shoe Fits is a collective of the four artists Katharsis, GRANT, Candid, and Robert Dawkins. They come together brilliantly on "Pull Up" over this great production of a distorted synth and hard drums that knock right out the speaker, that this quartet float over.

If The Shoe Fits gives you everything on this track with each member being on point with amazing flow and incredible lyrics that will have hip hop fans jumping out there seat with lines like "Used to drink more cause the flow so water, gallon a day is only eight 16s".

If The Shoe Fits proves that there are still real hip hop groups out there giving you real gold standard emceeing with their song "Pull Up" and will make a fan out of anyone who listens.

Check out If the Shoe Fits "Pull Up" below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!







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