Ice Tha One - Love Story (Prod by Kato On The Track)

20 Dec

"It's just a hood love story"

With so much music out it's becoming more of a rarity to become a instant fan of someone. So much music being thrown at you everyday, it's almost impossible to have a go to artist. For an artist to grab you instantly, they have to be an incredible talent that can't be denied. Ice Tha One is an incredible talent who I've been a fan of since hearing her last project "In The Paint" and shes back with her new song "Love Story" produced by Kato On The Track.

Ice Tha One is a hybrid artists who excels at both rapping and singing with "Love Story" being a great record to put her talents on full bloom. Ice's style is magical as it takes you through a journey with the rapping having so much swagger and confidence, then switches to her singing voice that's smooth and has an appeal about it that makes the listener feel multiple emotions with each track.

Ice Tha One's "Love Story" is the total package of music that you must hear. Ice gives an amazing performance from her vocal performance, great songwriting, and the production that makes everything come full circle to create a brilliant display of music.

Check out Ice Tha One "Love Story" produced by Kato On The Track below and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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