Huseby - Arizona

09 Nov

"Now a days I'm in zone, That flow so hot, so Arizona"

We've made it to another Friday, which means we made it to another day of hearing amazing music. Fridays are already known as the day I make it a point to post the best music out there, and I say with supreme confidence Atlanta's own Huseby has some of the best music out there with his new song "Arizona".

Huseby has just released his new project "Dreaming of Islands on a Spaceship" with "Arizona" rightfully being the single. Huseby gives you a masterful flow over production that keeps you bouncing through the whole song. Huseby never slacks for a second ripping through beat with his hard lyrics and truly making his mark on this track.

Huseby is truly as hot as "Arizona" from the flow that is scorching and his raw lyrics that burn through the track. Huseby makes an incredible record that you will love as soon as you hear it and will make you want to hear more!

Check out Huseby "Arizona" below as well as his new EP "Dreaming of Islands on a Spaceship" and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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