Hunnid - Gifted

22 Dec

"40 kiss yo ass goodbye, mistletoe"

The holidays are here and in full effect. You can hear Christmas music at every turn but you hardly hear any hip hop Christmas music. The degree of difficulty of a hip hop themed Christmas song is extremely high with everything having to be just right to avoid being corny. With the degree of difficulty being high emcee Hunnid steps up and shows out on his new track "Gifted".

Hunnid raps masterfully over this production on "Gifted" that sounds like something we would've been blessed with from the Heatmakers back in their early 2000's crazy run. Hunnid's lyrics are on point and brilliantly uses Christmas flips and references to display his greatness with the pen and show how truly gifted he is.

Hunnid's "Gifted" is that pure fire you need to hear for your holiday season and beyond. The rhymes are top shelf, the flow is truly master class and high energy, and the production is exciting that all comes together to make one amazing track for the people.

Check out Hunnid "Gifted below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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