Houston, Texas rising artist Jidé let's us know the man behind his special style of music, influences, "Vibe", and everything to expect next for his career

16 Dec

Houston, Texas had it's plethora of amazing talent to come from the area. A certain style and swagger that artist from there is undeniable in infectious that makes the whole world want to be apart of it. An artist who has that special quality from Houston is Jidé

Jidé  first was on the Global Media Blog with his song "Vibe" featuring 281Neek that was an instant smash. The song was incredible and we had to know more about this talented artist. Jidé was gracious enough to take the time to answer a few questions below.

Who is  Jidé  the artist?

I’m a Nigerian born, self taught artist/producer. I’ve been putting music out for about a year now and been producing for about 6 years now. Always been into music since birth, playing instruments, singing and decided to pursue it seriously cuz its always been my passion and I had just been putting it off.

What are some of the influences for your signature style?

I grew up listening to literally everything. 50 cent is a big influence for me. I would listen to his massacre album everyday on the way to school and back cuz it was one of the few rap album CDs we had at the time in Africa. I think he was a pioneer with his style of music, being very melodic while still delivering BARS, which is what I like to do. I’m also influenced by artists of today like Tory Lanez/Travis Scott. I enjoy making music I would want to listen to and like to keep it current.

What was your approach when creating “Vibe”?

My bro 281neek pulled up on me and we were looking to collaborate on a more upbeat song. We were listening to so many beats and couldn’t really just agree on one that we thought was what we were looking for until we came across the beat for ‘Vibe’. Prod. By Quest, we heard it and immediately knew it was hella dope. Even though it was much slower than what we were going for, we felt the vibe and had to go in on it in the moment. The melodies just came to me and I quickly put words to the hook, Neek came up with his verse effortlessly and I had to backdoor his dope verse with mine. We got the track done pretty organically in about 2 days.

How does it feel now that “Vibe” is out to the people?

Honestly, we knew it was a dope track once we finished but didnt expect it to get the response it did. I was excited to drop it after listening to it myself for about a day. I’m just happy that people are receptive to it and a lot of people like it just as much as we did.  

What is the biggest thing you want people to take away from your music?

I want people to use my music to take their minds off whatever they may be going through. Personally, I’ve always used music as a de-stresser and to boost my mood when I’m not having the best day. I listen to different styles of music to match my mood, and thats what I want people to use my music for as well.

What can people expect next from Jidé ?

More and more music. At this point, I feel like I have found my sound that works best for me and look forward to dropping more music. Got a couple visuals I will be releasing soon maybe even one for ‘Vibe.’ I have also been working on a project. Can’t really put a date on  lol the release of that, but I’d say early-mid 2019. Until then I’ll be releasing singles and visuals, working to grow my audience and reach more people.

Check out Jidé featuring 281Neek "Vibe" below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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