Heno. - Goliath

11 Nov

"If you didn't hear it from me, then I didn't say it"

Hip Hop is as diverse as it can be present day. So many different styles of rap being displayed across the genre, it's hard for anyone to really say what real hip hop is anymore, but for myself real emceeing will always be a rapper stepping up to the plate and lyrically conquering a beat in a masterful way. That's exactly what Heno. gives us on his new track "Goliath".

Heno. truly conquers his "Goliath" on this new track. Heno. is brilliant in his articulation as he tackles his worries, while lyrically displaying how sharp his pen in is with lines like "All these sheep trying to sleep on me, did my dirty how you expect me to be sorry". 

Heno.'s lyrics are on point as well as his flow on "Goliath" as he maneuvers through this hard production with ease and really makes a statement to show he should be mentioned in any conversation of rappers who really spit.

Check out Heno. "Goliath" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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