HA, Hodgy & Alvin Risk - Jesus Is A Samurai

16 Dec

"Jesus is a Samurai, He'll kill bill and my entire family"

Some of the greatest and world changing works have all been a result of collaboration. Music is definitely a shining example of that, with some of the great tracks we've ever heard has been a result of minds coming as one to make the best cohesive audio possible to shake the culture. A collaborative effort that can be added to the long list of great works of the minds is HA which is Hodgy and Alvin Risk on their new track "Jesus Is A Samuari".

Hodgy and Alvin Risk come together to make an amazing record with innovative and accelerating production,  lyrics full consciousness, pop-culture references , and many gems along way, and incredible rap and vocal performances to make "Jesus Is A Samurai" perfect. 

Hodgy and Alvin Risk's "Jesus Is A Samurai" truly shows their talents in full bloom, with their lyricism being pure treasure as you find the gems, and jewels in each line. The raps are on point as they maneuver through this creative production like a master, while the vocals bring that perfect balance of smooth and grit to bring everything full circle.

Check out HA, Hodgy and Alvin Risk "Jesus Is A Samurai" below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!





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