Goodz Da Animal - Funk Flex Freestyle #Freestyle124

30 May

"Wannabe fake fly n**gas but they paper plain"

Hip Hop is forever growing and changing. So many different elements being added to his steady growing genre, there's no shortage of music. One thing there is a shortage of is lyrical emcees. Emcees who can step up to the mic and really deliver words that stop you in your tracks, and make you rewind to catch everything. The purest form of Hip Hop present day is Battle Rap. The place where you have to have bars and deliver them with the ultimate conviction. 

An artist who represents that is Goodz Da Animal. A legend in the game who has won countless fans over with his superstar presence filled with bravado, with lyrics that match. Fresh off his latest battle with Cassidy with countless polls having him be the victor, he went to Hot 97 with Funk Flex to do another famous freestyle.

Goodz Da Animal crafts together a lyrical onslaught packed with greatness that the world will love with his new song. He makes this track his own as he displays his incredible pen and maneuvers through this track with ease, showing the type of bravado and charisma he's famous for. Not only is Goodz pen on point, the flow is on point as well, being a calm storm instantly grabbing your attention, and creating excitement every second.

Goodz Da Animal "Funk Flex Freestyle #Freestyle124" is that Hip Hop that everybody is looking to hear. Goodz is a talented emcee who puts on a stellar display of emceeing from the rhymes, flow and delivery, he is truly gold on this dope freestyle

Check out Goodz Da Animal "Funk Flex Freestyle #Freestyle124" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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