G.L.A.M. - Anyway

10 Nov

"lost my mind some time ago, can i see yours"

Music is very subjective and with music being so subjective it can effect you and touch you at different times. Some music can take some time before you have the thought of liking it and some music stops you in your tracks and leave you stuck with awe in amazement. G.L.A.M.'s new track "Anyway" is one of those records.

G.L.A.M. is superbly brilliant on "Anyway" with her soulful voice really pulling the strings of your heart and playing a beautiful melody. G.L.A.M.'s style has a raw elegance about it that immediately draws you in, while her lyrics have so much vulnerability and realness to it that you believe her story to catch every detail that she speaks.

G.L.A.M.'s "Anyway" is the perfect combination of real life issues and personal struggles with lines like "Can't take this world as if I ever could before" that make her so relatable. G.L.A.M. truly gives you everything you could ask for, while she hits on every cylinder of true musicianship from vocal ability, lyrics, and great production that makes this song exceed any expectation of excellence.

Check out G.L.A.M "Anyway" below and also follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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