Ghodsy - What's Free (Freestyle)

17 Dec

"Passion projects I been chasing, I know really diamonds"

Happy Monday! It's the start of the new week, which means another week of great music. We always kick off the start of the week with the best of the best. That music that will shake off the bad Monday morning vibes to help you get to it. That music today is coming straight out of Los Angeles from Ghodsy on his new song "What's Beef (Freestyle)".

Ghodsy takes on the game changing Meek Mill song featuring Jay Z and Rick Ross. With the degree of difficulty at an all time high, Ghodsy steps up and makes this track his own. Ghodsy steps up and flows marvelously throughout this track, maneuvering at will, and giving you venom in every line. 

Ghodsy's "What's Free (Freestyle)" is the perfect combination of new high caliber rap skills and a throw back feel of when you would catch your favorite emcee on a mixtape, spitting the hottest bars out there. Ghodsy hits the target in every aspect of emceeing and making his presence felt from lyrics, flow, and delivery.

Check out Ghodsy "What's Free (Freestyle) below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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